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unlocking [growth]
for next-gen companies

[Who we are] We’re a growth studio focused on empowering the Gen Z segment.

[Our difference]

We're not a traditional studio. How so?
  • No hierarchical structure: we pick up projects independently, only working with companies we’re interested in and skillsets aligned to us
  • All young but experienced: we been working in growth since we were teens
  • Constant experimentation: we pride on creativity when it comes to growth hacking

[Work Process] How we vibe<3

About Us
[01 / 03]

Intro Call with Founder

We'll cover all the basics. Give us context on your company and where you're looking to grow.

[02 / 03]

Proposal & Partner Pairing

We'll write up an in-depth proposal that covers our work & responsibilities. if needed, we'll also match you with an all-star growth hacker on our team.

[03 / 03]

Get Started!

We'll decide on the logistics. Once agreed, we'll send a contract for you to sign before officially kicking off!

[Some of our past clients] A sneak peek

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and many more...

[Testimonials] What they are saying


Richard is super professional and well experiment! I highly recommend working with him when it's about understanding a product market fit for a crowdfunding campaign. He knows every trick and why he is doing them. Strong recommend for working with him!

Mobility Startup

Founder and CEO


Aditya helped us to get our content program off the ground. During the 6 month period, he built our content roadmap and published tactical blog posts focused on driving conversions. We’ve been able to see significant traffic gains especially for money page keywords.

AdTech Startup



As a growth hacker, I can unequivocally attest to Dan's technical skills. With an awesome playbook of growth hacks around email, search, UI and community building, Dan is definitely a force to be reckoned with. He has brilliant business acumen and firm grasp on commercial realities.

eCom Startup

Founder and CEO


Ruby is an all-star growth hacker. She executed perfectly, from outlining our growth strategy, running our email campaigns, to doing in depth data analysis of our customer demographics. I would recommend her to any company looking to scale quickly but sustainably.

SaaS Startup

Founder and CEO

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