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Gen Z is the future...
We're here to lead it.

About Us

[Our story] We're a bunch of misfits dictating our own path forward.

[Est 2023]

Looking at both sides, we thought why can’t we bring in - house talented young growth hackers and work on the most pressing problems for the next generation?

High demand for the Gen Z market. More than 60% of Gen Zers started/intent to build a startup. Lots of big brands are hoping to capture their $600B in spending power. However, out of 14K+ agencies, only a handful targets this demographic.

On the other side

High supply of Gen Z freelancers. Nearly 50% belong in this category. However, there are no platforms targeting young growth freelancers (many require 5+ years of experience).

Ruby Zhang. Founder of Z Squared Growth

[Us] Some of our growth talents

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