D2C x E-Commerce

01. The Challenge

Matt worked with a pre- launch startup created by a pair of popular YouTubers, on operational processes, marketing strategy, content, and social media.

One of the biggest challenges was centered around branding, social media strategy and creating buzz around the company for the official launch. How can the company capitalize on their existing audience and create connection to this new brand? What are they trying to communicate with the messaging and will this generate interest?

02. The Process

Matt took on CMO responsibilities to make a successful launch possible. He assisted with the development of branding, packaging, social strategy, and website content.

03. The Results

The company successfully launched two months into Matt's time with the company. They were able to create connection and drive social growth (15k followers in a few weeks) through storytelling. Focusing on pulling the target audience into the company mission and passion of local artisans allowed the company to successfully tap into the audience of the founders and reach new customers.