Web3 x Fintech

Growth Partner

Chris Heron

Skillsets Used

Web Development, Demand Generation, Copywriting, Social Media, Paid Ad Management

Release date


01. The Challenge

Chris worked with a new FinTech app, which is a social engagement platform to guide the younger generations (Millennial & GenZ) into the world of finance. The product was brand new and building in stealth when he came on, and the company wanted to create a big splash as they launched into the market. 

The main challenge was around creating the initial demand, and to grow the social effect in order to accomplish the goal of providing real value to the community of users and creators. The team wanted to build an engaged waiting list for users to download the app on day-1 of launch.

02. The Process

Chris took on the role of lead marketing manager and led the team to make this successful launch possible. He led the development of demand generation / funnel building, web development, copywriting, content creation, and ad strategy / execution.

03. The Result

In a few short months, Chris built up the list of the first 10,000+ users to come onto the app. He optimized social media ads (primarily IG, FB, and LinkedIn) to get the total user acquisition cost of just $0.55. The ability to scale these ads at such a low cost generated over 3.5 Million impressions and drove the demand that set the company up for a very successful launch.